Hanalani Photography - Caribbean Wedding & Portrait Photographer | About

I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Midwestern girl who was born with the song of the ocean in my soul, the magic of the mountains reflected in my eyes, and the whisper of tropical tradewinds in my heart. I’m in love with the islands; their beauty speaks to my heart in that special language that is uniquely their own.

I come from a background in photojournalism that has taken me all over the world, from the from the jungles of Costa Rica to the African bush; the glittering streets of Paris to the winding canals of Amsterdam. (So yes, my youthful appearance is a tad deceiving. In case you're curious, I’m a bit closer to 30 than I am to 20 :) )

I began my wedding and portrait photography business in 2010 in the charming southern coastal town of Charleston, South Carolina. In January of 2014, I packed up and moved to Hawaii to chase my lifelong dream of living in an eternal summer. 

The impending birth of a new niece and nephew brought me "home" to the Midwest for a season in 2015, and in 2016 I made another jump and moved myself and my business to the Caribbean. I am based in Puerto Rico, and offer my wedding and portrait photography services throughout the Caribbean and beyond.

In addition to including my name, Hanalani means “heavenly work,” and for me that is very representative of my life here in the islands. I am living in my heaven on earth, doing work that I am absolutely passionate about and I feel so extraordinarily lucky to be able to share with others my gift and passion for photography in this versatile location (no boring studio work here!)